Toys for Toddler Boys

Toddlers love to play. They are active, curious individuals that are constantly on the go. If you have to buy a gift for one, you might be wondering what will keep them interested. I have spent several years caring for toddler boys while working in a day care, volunteering at my church nursery, and caring for my own son, who is two. If you need to buy a toy for a toddler boy, but are clueless about what to get, this article will help you pick a great present.

Toys for Toddler Boys


Things That Roll

Toddler boys love things that roll. Whether it’s a soft ball, a train, or a truck, if it rolls, it’s usually a hit. Some of my son’s favorite toys include the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway, the Tonka Wheel Pals toys, and the Leapfrog Ride on Train. He has a friend that is about his age that he always likes to kick a small soccer ball with. If it rolls, it’s generally a hit.

Construction Toys

My son, along with the other toddler boys that I have watched over the years, love to build things. They love to build with Mega Bloks, large wooden blocks, and Lego Duplo Blocks. They love to watch their creations tumble with a big crash. Toddler boys also love to pretend they are builders, playing with play hammers, wrenches, and other pretend construction toys.

Educational Toys

There are plenty of great educational toys on the market right now. Leapfrog’s Alphabet Pal is often a hit with toddlers of any gender, and teaches children colors, songs, and letter sounds. Chunky wooden puzzles are usually a big hit, and teach children how to manipulate shapes and match things that are the same. Shape sorters, durable board books, and wire and bead mazes captivate young children, and help develop a child’s brain at the same time.

Safety Tips for Toddler Toys

Since toddlers still like to put things in their mouths and explore with the sense of taste, it’s important to pay attention to safety guidelines when buying toys including riding toys, like electric cars, ATVs, and bikes.

Don’t purchase toys that may contain choking hazards. Even toys with small parts like buttons sewn on could become a choking hazard if the boy becomes rough with it and pulls the small parts off. Avoid toys that have sharp corners, flimsy toys that might easily break. If the toy has cords attached, make sure that they cord is not long enough to pose a strangulation hazard.

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