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For both new and experienced mothers, The process of breastfeeding can be exciting and complicated at the same time. Feeding your child is a very special task that creates a mother/child bond so you will need all the help you can get to make the experience easier and fun for you and your baby.

The nursing pillow is a great product that helps you stay comfortable while feeding your baby. Even the most lightweight baby becomes very heavy when held in one position for a long time. The nursing pillow takes off the weight of your baby from your back and lap making you comfortable. The pillow sits on your laps and wraps around your body providing you a balanced and comfortable platform to place and feed your baby for a long time.

The nursing pillow also protects the head and neck of your child which is fragile by keeping the baby propped up and well latched to the breast in a perfect feeding position that is comfy for you and your baby.

With the safety and comfort it provides, the nursing pillow has grown to become one the indispensable baby care products for many breastfeeding mothers.

What Should I Look Out For While Getting A Nursing Pillow?

When shopping for a nursing pillow, there are qualities you need to look out for to ensure you get the best product that will serve your purpose effectively.

breast feeding- nursing pillowSome of those qualities are

  • Ease Of Use. The first thing you should consider when getting a nursing pillow is the ease of use. Can you take it off and put it around you easily? Is it very handy and comfortable? A good pillow should satisfy all these questions. Sometimes your baby sleeps off while nursing and you wouldn’t want to wake him while struggling to get off the pillow.
  • Durability And Water Proof. Your feeding pillow should be able to support your back and neck while you feed your baby and should be thick enough to hold you in preventing you from hunching over.
  • Your pillow should also be durable, made with soft and water proof materials. Getting a nursing pillow without a protection for the pillow will lead it to be damp, smelly, and soaked from milk spills and baby dribble.
  • Recommendations From Other Mothers And Lactation Consultant: while trying to get the best brand for you and your baby, recommendations from experts comes in very handy. These experts know what brand will help your baby get a proper latch, making nursing more relaxed for you.
  • You can also get help from other breastfeeding mums. Experienced mothers who are the same size with you can provide you with great recommendations of what has worked for them.

What Are The Types Of Nursing Pillows Available?

You might be confused when trying to shop for a nursing pillow as there are many funny-looking pillows in different shapes and sizes sold at baby aisles and internet shops. There is no one in particular that works best for all mothers. Your ideal pillow depends on your body type and the size of your baby.  There are two kinds of nursing pillows in which all brands fit into:

  • THE Round Nursing Pillow
  • The Curved Nursing Pillow

Round Nursing Pillows


  • Rounded surfaces
  • Supports your arm and baby during feeding
  • Multi-function


  • Do not wrap fully around your body

Curved Nursing Pillows


  • Wraps fully around your body
  • Arms and elbow rest
  • Comes with latches to keep your baby fitted
  • Some brands come with side pockets for your feeding bottle and napkin.


  • It can be difficult to use as it wraps around your body and may not be easily detached
  • May not be easily adjusted for various feeding angles.

What Is The Price Range For Nursing Pillows?

Just like every other product in the various market today, the price of the nursing pillow depends on the brands and their various features. There are various brands that sell a variety of nursing pillows which have various features that differ and are for different sizes, shapes, and styles of mothers. The price range for nursing pillows  is $20 to $50 depending on the brand.

Also find more info at this website.

What Are The Top Brands That Sell The Product?

They are many brands selling the product, but listed below are the top brands you will find in most baby stores and internet shops:

  • My Best Friend Pillows
  • Boppy Nursing Pillows
  • Leachco Natural Boost Adjustable Nursing Pillow
  • Luna Lullaby
  • Brown’s Gia
  • Blessed Nest
  • Pick Away Travel Pillows


From the information above, it is very obvious that the nursing pillow is not just a luxurious baby care product. Our kids website goal is to give you the most valuable info. As a new and expectant mother, you should make out time and look for the best nursing pillow that will meet your nursing needs, making your baby’s food time a wonderful experience.
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