5 Websites for Parents We Like [July 2018]

kids and parenting websites roundup

Here is the list of websites we recommend. This is a monthly roundup. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send it to us. The best parenting and family related websites will be listed in upcoming roundups.

  • Balance Bikes for Toddlers – when your little one become ready to start riding but still too small for a regular bicycle, the balance bike is the best solutions. Read the reviews, guides and parents’ opinion and choose one for your child.
  • Kids ATV Sale – this website is all about four-wheelers for kids, mostly ATVs (all-terraing vehicles). This is not a store, but a review site. You can choose wisely the electric 4-wheeler, gas ATV, safety gear and many more reviews and guides here.
  • Kids’ Helmets – when it comes to riding a toy vehicle, bike or even a scooter, the must crucial thing is safety. And the first and most important safety gear for your kid is a helmet. Here you can choose the variety of helmets for your child, read the overvies and customer feedback.
  • Teach Your Baby to Sleep – most parents face the problem of baby’s bad sleep. Especially  during the first months. This is a great article, it will show you how to teach your baby to sleep in just 7 days.
  • 40 Photos of Lovable Babies – and the last website in today’s roundup is to make your mood better. Just look at these adorable baby photos and smile. Kids are the best what happened to us adults. Enjoy!

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